• Dinner


    An air –conditioned fine dining hall with the capacity of above 100 guests . The dinner in modern dinning decor with slight local culture touch, offers you lavish numbers of variety of vegetarian nutritious, healthy & tasty food to satiate your appetite & health.We have a great and skilled staff who are experts in multi cuisine recipes . We are passionate about to give our clients 100% satisfaction.

  • Music dance

    Music dance

    DJ Dance floor is just adjacent to rain water dance floor. A ramp is assembled with Flashing lights and High volume Sound System in the open air. A DJ Plays the music and audience can tape there foot steps on music players. On some special occasion the DJ will play and announce what the audience want him to play. According to audience choice.Music is a part of life which give you health and satisfaction in any of planed trip, which may close you to your friends, family and colleagues.

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

    For family fun, sun bathing, pool party or simply a refreshing spot during the hot summer, the finest pool of Jaipur will sure meet your needs and expectations.Water is a perfect for feeling refreshment, and enjoy various sports in water with your friends, family members and colleagues.